9 creative photo ideas to try in October

9 creative photo ideas to try in October

9 creative photo ideas to try in October: photo projects you can do right now to add some inspiration to your portfolioAs part of our ongoing series to help you get more creative with your digital camera, each month we publish some fun, seasonal, creative photo ideas to help inspire your imagination.

Along with some amazing images, we’ve also provided some quick photography tips by photographers who are experts in these fields.

For October we aim to have you capitalize on light and shade, infrared imaging and several other perspective-altering ideas.

Our photo ideas will have you snapping everywhere from pool-side to the helm of a boat!





























01 Try your hand at pet photography


Creative Photo Ideas for October: Pet photography

You should never work with animals, apparently, but with a bit of preparation photographing your pet can result 
in fun images packed with character.

Pet photographer Paul Walker shot this Weimaraner at an estate house under an outside staircase using only natural light.

“First of all, you need to observe the background and think about the rules of composition,” he advises. “Will your subject complement 
the scene, or is the scene going to overpower your subject with distracting elements?”

Think about your set-up in advance and have your camera ready so you can start shooting as soon your subject’s in position.

Paul used the dark space and subtle red posts to frame the dog in this shot, and a stand-in person wearing clothes of a similar tone to meter the scene before calling the animal in.

“I had my aperture set to f/6.3, the ISO to 800 and the shutter speed to 1/500 sec in case the dog decided to move,” he says.

Once you’re all set up, make sure you have some treats ready to encourage your pet into your chosen position.

However, don’t let the animal know where you keep them, as they’ll soon become distracted. Of course, these techniques can be used to photograph any animal, or even humans if you’re struggling to find a furry friend to pose!

Get started today…

  • Always make sure you have enough depth 
of field to get a sharp image from the tip of the pet’s nose to the eyes. The aperture for this shot was set to f/6.3.
  • The light in the early morning and late evening is ideal for portraits like this.
  • A small animal should be photographed from a lower ground position, as it will add emphasis to its size. The reverse is also true, so consider how you want your pet to appear in the frame.
  • If you’re struggling with shadows, use a reflector to bounce some light back towards your subject.

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