Landscape photography ideas for rivers, waterfalls and lakes

Shoot Like A Pro: landscape photography ideas for rivers, waterfalls and lakes

3 ways to shoot underwater with your DSLR


Photo Ideas: how to shoot underwater with your DSLR

£15 to £50
Fish tank (local pet shop)
OK, so you may feel a bit of a fool carrying a fish tank around, but it’s a good solution for this technique. The square sides of the tank make it easier to hold level than the dedicated camera housings or cases, and you can still use ND grad filters to balance the exposure between the areas above and below the water. Just make sure you test the tank to make sure it’s watertight before submerging your expensive camera kit!

2 Mid-range 
£60 to £200
Underwater case, such as one from ewa-marine or DiCAPac
These soft plastic cases are much cheaper than the solid casings, and for this technique the fact that they are only waterproof down to around five metres isn’t an issue. As with the hard housings, you can’t use filters, but they’re great if you want to take your camera into really wet locations such as under waterfalls – or even if you want to shoot in the rain.

3 Money no object 
£1,000 plus
Underwater housing, such as one from Sea & Sea or Ikelite
Designed for taking cameras deep underwater, these solid casings are available for specific models of camera and often still give access to the main controls. But they’re extremely expensive, and you can’t use filters. So, while they give the greatest peace of mind, they’re a bit of an extreme solution.


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