Landscape photography ideas for rivers, waterfalls and lakes

Shoot Like A Pro: landscape photography ideas for rivers, waterfalls and lakes

Shoot landscapes at water level


Shoot landscapes at water level

We’re all used to seeing landscape photography from normal eye-level, so something as simple as switching to a low or high shooting position can transform the images you take. When taking pictures of water, try to get as close to water 
level as possible – as well as giving a different perspective on the scene; this will also help to enhance any reflections on the surface of the water.

Shoot below the water
You can go a step further and get below the water for a different view of the landscape. Rather than going completely under the surface, positioning the camera so that you see beneath the surface of the water as well as the landscape above it gives a dramatic and unusual view.

Water and expensive cameras don’t really mix, though, so you’ll need a way of waterproofing your kit before you start submerging it (see panel, right). Rather than one of the expensive underwater housings, we used a cheap fish tank for our shots.

Although it does take a bit of nerve to place the tank in the water with your camera inside it, as long as you test it for leaks first it’s pretty safe.

We also attached a two-stop graduated Neutral Density filter to give a more balanced exposure between the water and the land.

With the camera in Manual exposure mode, we set the exposure before putting the camera inside the tank, and attached a remote control to make it easier to fire the camera.

This set-up is only suitable for fairly calm water, not the sea, as the top of the tank is open to the elements. Any waves will also make it virtually impossible to keep the surface of the water level, and the water on the face of the tank in front of the lens will be visible on the above-water area of your shot.


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