Photo Jackets: 6 top models tested + what features to look for

6 top photo jackets and vests tested and rated

Five things to look out for in photo jackets

Here are five key features to consider when making your choice on a new photo jacket or vest.

01 Try before you buy
Wherever possible, it’s advisable to try before you buy and to 
pay close attention to the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines.

02 Weatherproof features
To ensure you’re protected against the elements, check the garment is made from windproof fabric, has taped seams and waterproof treatments such as Nikwax or Teflon coatings.

03 Insulation
If you’re a cold-weather photographer, consider a specialised winter garment rather than an all-season jacket, or opt for a lightweight one you can use as part of a layering system.

04 Ventilation
Breathable fabrics and built-in vents around the back and under the arms will allow the moisture to escape, which in turn will help you to stay dry and comfortable.

05 Storage
Check that the jacket offers enough pockets for your individual needs, and that the method of fastening them suits your photographic genre or shooting habits.

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