Nikon D60: tips for using your digital camera

Nikon D60: tips for using your digital camera

Nikon D60: 5 quick tips for getting more from your Nikon DSLR

So you think you know how to use your Nikon D60? Like many of us, you may have a DSLR or compact system camera but tend to use only a handful of your its features.

In our ongoing review of some of the more popular current and ‘out of date’ Nikon cameras, we want to help you better harness the creative potential of your camera.

Call them camera tips, or call it a user’s guide to your favourite Nikon camera. The advice below comes from experts who have used the Nikon D60 and know this DSLR inside and out.

If you have your own Nikon D60 tips you’d like to share, post them in the comments below. What we want to build is an ever-growing user’s guide for the Nikon D60 that comes not from a press release or a lab test, but from the photographers who shoot with this DSLR (read more DSLR tips or read about another Nikon DSLR).

We want to inspire you to twist the mode dial and move beyond your favourite settings and functions and get more out of your Nikon D60 starting today!

Nikon D60 tips: self-timer

Nikon D60 tip no. 1
The self-timer isn’t just handy for putting yourself in the picture; it’s also a good way to minimise blur-inducing vibration, e.g. when shooting on a tripod.


Nikon D60 tips: information display

Nikon D60 tip no. 2
The Information Display on the rear screen activates when the shutter button is pressed halfway. To economise on battery power, you can stop it doing this: use the Auto shooting item in the Setup menu.


Nikon D60 tips: histograms

Nikon D60 tip no. 3
Like every Nikon DSLR, the D60 can display image histograms during playback; this is the best way to determine if a shot was correctly exposed.


Nikon D60 tips: Night Portrait mode

Nikon D60 tip no. 4
Night portrait mode will often activate the flash; if you want to avoid this, use another mode such as Aperture Priority: a high ISO rating will help to keep shutter speeds high if your subject may move.


Nikon D60 tips: image review

Nikon D60 tip no. 5
The D60 doesn’t have a depth-of-field preview, but instant feedback from image review is the next best thing, allowing you to make quick adjustments to reduce or increase depth of field.

Nikon D60: 5 quick tips for getting more from your Nikon DSLR


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