Garden macro photography: tips for shooting stunning pictures at home

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    3 ways to improve close-up photos


    Garden macro photography tips: find the right specimen

    Take time to search for perfect specimens
    Working close up means that any imperfections and blemishes are exaggerated, and will spoil an otherwise good shot. Take the time to look for the best examples of your subject and check them carefully in the viewfinder before taking the shot.


    Garden macro photography tips: keep it steady

    Keep things steady
    Use a tripod to keep the camera steady and reduce the risk of blurring from camera shake. A tripod will also help you to compose the shot carefully, and allow you to look around the frame for distractions. It is also invaluable for precise focusing.


    Garden macro photography tips: optimise the lighting

    Optimise the lighting
    Successful macro shots rely on recording fine detail, which is determined by the lighting. Overcast light is ideal, but also consider backlighting and soft early or late light. Control bright direct light with a diffuser, or cast a shadow over your subject.

    PAGE 1: Camera craft and lighting
    PAGE 2: 3 ways to improve close-up photos
    PAGE 3: Why you should switch to macro mode
    PAGE 4: Tips for increasing the quality of your macro photos


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