Photoshop Retouching: a really simple tutorial for making every portrait perfect

Photoshop Retouching Made Easy: a really simple technique for making every portrait perfect

Photoshop retouching made easy: steps 9-16



Photoshop Retouching Made Easy: step 9

09 Tidy the hair
The skin is looking better, but a few hairs need tidying. Select the Spot Healing Brush and move around the image, pinpointing stray hairs that fall across the face, plus a few in the background. To remove the grey hair that stands out from the rest, select the Healing Brush to get a better blend.


Photoshop Retouching Made Easy: step 10

10 Whiten eyes
Select the Polygonal Lasso tool and ensure you have Add to Selection clicked. Select the white areas of both eyes, then hit Refine Edge. Set Smooth to 30 and Feather to 2. Go to Layer>NewAdjustment Layer>Hue/Saturation and from the drop-down menu select Red and reduce Saturation to -60.


Photoshop Retouching Made Easy: step 11

11 Lighten the whites
Hold down Ctrl on your keyboard and click on the Hue/Saturation layer’s Layer Mask. You’ll see the selection you previously made reappear. Go to Layer>NewAdjustmentLayer>Levels and move the Highlights slider to the left so that its value reads 200, lightening the whites of the eyes.


Photoshop Retouching Made Easy: step 12

12 Brighten the teeth
Grab the Polygonal Lasso tool. Select the teeth, then Refine as before. Go to Layer>New AdjustmentLayer>Hue/Saturation. Select Yellow, then  set Saturation to -80 and Lightness to +15. Reselect the teeth as in step 11. Go to Layer>NewAdjustment Layer>Levels. Move the Highlights slider to 230.


Photoshop Retouching Made Easy: step 13

13 Deepen the lip colour
Click back on the image layer, then select the Healing Brush. Reduce the brush size to 40px and set Opacity to 20%. Alt-click to pick a source area, then smooth out any dry areas. Pick the Sponge tool, set Mode to Saturate and Flow to 5%, then use it to deepen the colour. Select Layer>FlattenImage.


Photoshop Retouching Made Easy: step 14

14 Smooth the skin
Duplicate the Background layer. Go to Filter>Noise>Median and set Median to 20, then Filter>Blur>GaussianBlur and set Blur to 3. Create a Levels Adjustment Layer and drag it below the image layer. Press Alt, drag the cursor between the layers, then click when the cursor changes.


Photoshop Retouching Made Easy: step 15

15 Reveal detail
Select a black brush and click on the Levels layer’s mask. Use the brush on the background, hair, eyes and lips to remove the effect of the Median layer. Reduce the Opacity of the brush to 20% and carefully paint over the delicate facial features. Now reduce the layer’s Opacity to 30%.


Photoshop Retouching Made Easy: step 16

16 Sharpen detail
Select Layer>FlattenImage. Grab the Lasso tool and select Add to Selection. Draw around the eyes, eyebrows, teeth and the edge of the hair. Refine the edge by setting Smooth to 30 and Feather to 5. Go to Enhance>AdjustSharpness and set Radius to 1.2 and Amount to 60%. Click OK to finish.

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