Raw Tuesday: the best way to manage your raw workflow

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    Common questions about managing raw workflow


    How to edit JPEGs in Adobe Camera Raw

    How do I edit JPEGs in Adobe Camera Raw?

    If you’re running Adobe Camera Raw 4 or 5 under Photoshop CS3, Elements 5 or a newer version of either program, you can also edit your JPEGs and TIFFs non-destructively in Adobe Camera Raw.

    Go to File > Open As (Open on a Mac), navigate to your image, then select Camera Raw (not Photoshop Raw) from the Open As menu (the Format menu on a Mac) and click Open.

    If you’re using Bridge, you can also right-click the image and select Open in Camera Raw from the contextual menu. Once you’ve opened a JPEG in ACR from Bridge, it will open in Adobe Camera Raw by default in the future.

    If you want to open a JPEG that you’ve edited using Adobe Camera Raw launching ACR, hold down [Shift] and double-click the file in Bridge.


    Common questions about raw workflow

    Can I use Photoshop / Elements and Adobe Camera Raw at the same time?

    Adobe Camera Raw temporarily ‘locks you out’ of Photoshop / Elements. It’s a plug-in, not a stand-alone program, which means that while it’s in use you can’t open another shot in Photoshop/Elements to compare it, even another raw file, until you dismiss the ACR interface.

    However, Bridge can also host Adobe Camera Raw, so you can access Photoshop while ACR is open (or if you host Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop, you’re free to move back and forth between ACR and Bridge).

    To host Adobe Camera Raw in Bridge by default, go to the Bridge Preferences and enable the ‘Double-click edits Camera Raw settings in Bridge’ option.

    Can I batch process multiple files?

    You can’t open another raw file once you’ve got one open in ACR but you can open multiple RAW files at once. In fact, ACR makes it easy to process a number of files in a hurry.

    If you open multiple files in ACR from Bridge or directly, they’ll open in Filmstrip mode, where you can make the required edits to one of the images and then apply some or all of those edits to some or all of the other images.

    Can I create multiple files?

    When you open an image after working on it in Adobe Camera Raw, you’ll end up with two files – your original, unaltered raw file and your image file created using the edits you made in ACR.

    You can produce unlimited different image files, in a range of formats, from the original raw file, simply by reopening it and removing or altering the adjustments you apply. Keep an eye on those file name extensions so you know which file is which!

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