What is focal length: definition, comparison, every question answered

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    Focal Length Comparison Cheat Sheet

    Understanding focal length can be difficult just from reading. To help you along we compiled this handy cheat sheet illustrating the effects that different focal lengths produce.

    Click on the cheat sheet below to see the larger version, or simply drag and drop it on to your desktop to save.

    Focal Length Comparison Cheat Sheet

    Crop Factor Explained

    What is focal lenght: crop sensors explained

    24mm lens, full-frame sensor

    Cameras with sensors smaller than full frame produce a narrower angle of view, because they capture a smaller section of the image.

    What is focal lenght: crop sensors explained

    24mm lens, APS-C sensor

    Most digital cameras have a sensor that’s based on a small format called APS-C. To find the effective focal length of a lens (or the focal length you’d need for the same magnification on a full-frame camera) multiply the lens’s focal length by the crop factor.

    For Canon DSLRs 
this is x1.6, and for Nikon it’s x1.5.

    PAGE 1: Focal length definition and common questions
    PAGE 2: Understanding Focal Length: wideangle vs telephoto
    PAGE 3: Focal length comparison cheat sheet


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