Outdoor portrait photography made easy: tips for pro-quality results

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    Using wideangle lenses for outdoor portraits


    Best outdoor portrait photography lenses: wideangle lenses

    Lenses with a focal length of 18mm or less on an APS-C camera (or 28mm on a full-frame camera) are often overlooked when shooting portraits.

    But they are excellent when you want to include the background as part of the image, or if you have limited space to include the whole figure.

    Watch out for distortion when you get too close though, because it’s easy for legs or arms that are close to the camera to appear much larger than the rest of the subject.

    You’ll need to find a good-humoured and understanding model if you use a very short focal length lens, because you’ll have to get very close, and the distorted features that this can create can be unflattering.


    • It’s easier to include more of the background with a wide-angle lens than it is with a longer one.
    • You can shoot full-length shots without having to stand miles away from your subject.


    • Get too close – when taking a head-and-shoulders shot, for example – and you’ll distort your subject’s features (although this effect can also be used deliberately).
    • It’s pretty difficult to get shallow depth of field with a wide-angle lens.

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