Outdoor portrait photography made easy: tips for pro-quality results

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    Using telephoto lenses for outdoor portraits


    Best outdoor portrait photography lenses: telephoto lenses

    Shooting from a long distance from your subject with a long focal length lens can produce some striking results.

will make the background (and any objects in the foreground) appear to be much closer to the subject, giving a far more enclosed and almost claustrophobic effect.

    This is easy to do when shooting head-and-shoulders portraits or close-ups, but to get the whole figure in the frame you’ll need plenty of space. So think about this when choosing the location for your shoot.


    • It’s very easy to get attractive shallow depth of field effects.
    • Shooting from a long distance makes the background and foreground appear much closer to your subject.



    • You can end up standing a long way from your model, making it difficult to communicate with them.
    • You’ll need plenty of room to shoot anything wider than a head-and-shoulders portrait.

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