9 creative photo ideas to try in September

9 creative photo ideas to try in September

08 Shoot at sunrise for atmospheric shots


Photo Ideas: shoot at sunrise

Getting out of bed before the sunrise in the summer months may be difficult, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results if you do. At sunrise you’re more likely to encounter atmospheric mist, and there are far less people around to get in your way.

“When it comes to landscape photography, one of the best assets you can have is patience,” says Australian rock climbing and landscape photographer Adam Sebastian West.

“A lot of wandering around is required, to find the right scene and light. It also takes a certain degree of commitment to put yourself in conditions that aren’t that comfortable. 
A willingness to shoot in these tough environments can result in you capturing truly wonderful photographic images, and having some incredible experiences too.”

Adam took this image in New Zealand in a place called Castle Hill. “It was kind of planned,” he says. “I knew I wanted to shoot at sunrise and I had an idea of the scene I knew I could capture. However, you can only anticipate or plan what Mother Nature will provide to a certain degree. I drove through heavy fog to get to the location, and I decided to stop and wait for a while for it to lift. It wasn’t long at all before it started to clear and reveal some really beautiful layered features and silhouettes.”

Get started today…
* Look for layers when composing your shot. Adam’s image uses five effective layers – the sky, mountains, mist, trees and ground.
* Pack a wide-angle lens that will help you to capture the whole picture.
* At the editing stage, deepen the shadows using a Levels adjustment. This will help to enhance the silhouettes of the trees.

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