9 creative photo ideas to try in September

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    07 Get silky smooth water shots


    Photo Ideas: blur water

    Blurring moving water can be tricky in bright sunlight: even if you set your camera to its lowest ISO 
and your lens to its smallest aperture, you still might not be able to achieve a slow enough shutter speed to get the extreme effect you’re after.

    “If you do try to set a slow enough shutter speed,” explains landscape pro Tom Mackie, “your image is likely to be over-exposed. The answer is to use a filter to block out some light. To take this shot, I used a Lee Big Stopper ND filter, which blocks out ten stops of light. This meant I was able to set an exposure time of 26 secs at f/10 and ISO100.”

    Get started today…
    * Set up your camera on a sturdy tripod and ensure the camera is sheltered.
    * Set the ISO on your camera to a low setting of around 100 and keep the aperture narrow to reduce the light.
    * Check the histogram on the camera’s rear screen as you shoot to ensure you retain detail on the water’s highlights.

    PAGE 1: Shoot a seasonal still life
    PAGE 2: Shoot a high-key portrait
    PAGE 3: Shoot a pool-side portrait
    PAGE 4: Shoot a late-summer sunset
    PAGE 5: Shoot birds in flight
    PAGE 6: Shoot a seascape at dusk
    PAGE 7: Shoot moving water
    PAGE 8: Shoot at sunrise
    PAGE 9: Shoot from a boat


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