9 creative photo ideas to try in September

9 creative photo ideas to try in September

06 Shoot colourful seascapes at dusk


Photo Ideas: shoot seascapes at dusk

When the sea is calm and the sun is low in the sky at dusk, try to capture a tranquil shot like the one pictured below. Landscape photographer David Clapp photographed this seascape sunset at Land’s End in Cornwall late in the evening last year.

“I set up my camera in this prime position after spending some time scouting the area, and I deliberately included some native wild flowers in the foreground to add interest,” he says. “If you take a trip to Land’s End in August the heather is in full bloom and it is absolutely spectacular to photograph.”

To ensure the image was evenly exposed, David took two exposures of the scene – one of the foreground and one of the background – because the meter readings in his camera were different for each. “I then merged them together in Photoshop, and added a pink graduated filter,” he explains.

Get started today…
* Take a tripod and use a remote control or set the camera to self-timer to avoid accidentally knocking the camera during the long exposure, and blurring shots.
* Bracket the shot, taking two or three images using different exposure settings for each, and then merge the best bits of all three to produce an even exposure.
* Use a polarising filter to eliminate any glare from the sea and land.

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