Pro Secrets: how to use a telephoto lens for awesome landscapes

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    6 tips for using a telephoto lens to capture great landscapes


    Tips for how to use a telephoto lens to shoot landscapes

    Tip 1: Set up and compose
    Try out different focal lengths and set up your tripod. If the lens has its own collar, mount it onto the tripod head; otherwise, attach the camera. Fine-tune the composition and tighten all the controls on the tripod head so everything’s locked in place.

    Tip 2: Keep it simple

    Try to concentrate on emphasising the most interesting elements in the overall landscape. Exclude anything that competes for attention or that adds nothing to the picture.

    Tip 3: Use the ambient light to your advantage

    Low-angled rays are great for accentuating light and shade, and will add depth and drama to your pictures. Soft light is perfect for rendering finer details, and for low-key, low-contrast images that have a more subtle quality.


    How to use a telephoto lens to shoot landscapes: select an aperture

    Tip 4: Select an aperture
    To shoot everything in sharp focus, set a narrow aperture (f/11-f/22) to maximise the depth of field. Alternatively, use a wide aperture of f/4 or f/5.6 so that just a narrow band of features is in focus.

    Tip 5: Think about the optimum aperture

    When you’re taking shots of a distant landscape, a large depth of field is possible using an aperture of f/8 or f/11. In terms of optical performance, many lenses are at their optimum at these settings, so this will ensure the best image quality.


    How to use a telephoto lens to shoot landscapes: use mirror lock-up

    Tip 6: Use the mirror lock-up
    Camera shake and mirror vibrations are exaggerated with longer lenses, even with a tripod, so it’s best to use mirror lock-up (often enabled via a custom function) in combination with either a remote release or the two-second delay self-timer.

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