Pro Secrets: how to use a telephoto lens for awesome landscapes

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    How to find and compose the perfect telephoto landscape


    How to find and compose the perfect telephoto landscape

    When your use a telephoto lens to shoot landscapes, composition is king, so take your time to get it right. Often, it’s an instinctive process, but there are several things to consider when you use a telephoto lens.

    One of the so-called compositional rules is the rule of thirds, whereby the picture is imagined as being divided up by four equally spaced horizontal and vertical lines, with the focal point of the image placed on one of these lines or intersections (learn how to use and break the Rule of Thirds with confidence).

    This often generates more interest, and creates a well-balanced composition. If there are multiple elements to the picture then make sure that they’re arranged sympathetically within the frame.

    Placing them on opposite diagonals (bottom right and top left, or vice versa) works well if there are two strong but nicely matched features.

    When you use a telephoto lens you’ll find that your zoom is great for fine-tuning what to include within the frame. Zoom in and out in small increments and check the edges of the frame for distractions such as a stray branch or sliver of sky creeping into the picture.

    Also, try to leave a complementary ‘border’ around the main subject, and avoid chopping bits off the edges of the frame. If in doubt, it’s always best to leave extra space to allow for cropping during processing.

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