How to make money from photography, part 5: shoot property for estate agents

How to make money from photography: approach local companies

Over the past five weeks we’ve been introducing you to new ways to make money from photography. We’ve looked at selling photos via stock photo agencies, running photography workshops and more.

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How to make money from photography: approach local companies

This week, in our final instalment of the series, we speak to photographer John Durrant, who turns a profit from photographing property. Via his Property Photographer website, John shoots houses and buildings on behalf of estate agents.

We spoke to John about how approaches these firms, how much he charges and how much you can expect to earn.

Photographer John Durrant makes money from photography by taking pictures for local companies

Estate agents seem happy to advertise properties snapped on 
a compact – why is that?

The only explanation I can come 
up with is that a lot of agents don’t realise they’re in the marketing business. A few photographers knocking on their doors might enlighten some of them!

So is ‘knocking on their doors’ 
the best way to get business?

There’s no substitute for seeing an agent face to face. Take prints to a meeting to show them your work, although a good website is also an important marketing tool.

How much can you charge?

At the lower end of the property market you might be charging £30-£50 for a job that might take an hour or two, while properties over £1m are likely to involve advanced techniques and additional time in Photoshop. At that level you’ll need to charge £350-£700 per day.

How busy could you be?

The peak selling season is spring, and this year I was flat out, working every day for almost two months. That kind of stress and effort is not for the faint-hearted, but it would typically be followed by a less busy period over the summer.


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