Male Poses: 17 tips to make him confident and comfortable for your camera

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    Shoot from a low angle


    Best Male Poses: shoot from a low angle

    For the shot above I wanted the subject to step into the picture holding his jacket open.

    I took the photograph from a lower angle, which is certainly a better angle for men than it is for women.

    Asking your subject to move and perform certain actions makes them feel like you are directing and telling them what to do.
    For some people this will help build their confidence in you as a photographer.

    If you can keep up a steady flow of ideas and suggestions you will seem more professional and in control. People who are not models want guidance and look to the photographer to provide this.

    PAGE 1: Tips for before and during your shoot
    PAGE 2: What do they like to do?
    PAGE 3: Incorporate a prop
    PAGE 4: Find their natural position
    PAGE 5: Shoot from a low angle
    PAGE 6: Go close for expressions


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