Male Poses: 17 tips to make him confident and comfortable for your camera

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    Incorporate a prop


    Best Male Poses: incorporate a prop          Best Male Poses: invite them to fold their arms

    Look around for props that men can lean against, sit on or use for posing.

    Standing in front of the camera without anywhere to lean or put your hands can feel very awkward for people who are camera shy.

    This portrait works because it uses the beautiful landscape to its full advantage and the focus is not solely on the subject.

    Being able to lean against the tree helped this man to relax and enjoy the surroundings. One knee up and arms across chest conveys a very masculine pose.

    When a particular male pose is working, use a zoom lens to get in close and keep defining the pose with small adjustments.

    I used a 70-200mm lens to give enough space between me and the subject for him to relax and to not feel like I was invading his personal space.

    PAGE 1: Tips for before and during your shoot
    PAGE 2: What do they like to do?
    PAGE 3: Incorporate a prop
    PAGE 4: Find their natural position
    PAGE 5: Shoot from a low angle
    PAGE 6: Go close for expressions


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