Male Poses: 17 tips to make him confident and comfortable for your camera

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    What do they like to do?


    Best Male Poses: find your subjects' hobbies

    Men usually enjoy the process of being photographed a lot less than women. Often men will be more willing to sit for a group photo than individual portraits (see our 18 of the best-ever posing tips for group photos).

    In the image above I knew the two men were keen break dancers and capable of freezing their actions into poses I could photograph, so it seemed foolish to do a straight-forward head shot.

    This pose not only reflects them as individuals and creates something more unique, but because I asked them to do something they were already comfortable and confident doing, it put them at ease in front of my camera.

    Talk to your male subjects about their hobbies and passions to see if it could be something you can incorporate into a pose.

    Capturing someone who is comfortable in their environment or doing something they love is a good way to capture their personality.

    PAGE 1: Tips for before and during your shoot
    PAGE 2: What do they like to do?
    PAGE 3: Incorporate a prop
    PAGE 4: Find their natural position
    PAGE 5: Shoot from a low angle
    PAGE 6: Go close for expressions


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