13 best free Android photo apps

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    Android Photo App No. 9: Pudding Camera


    13 best free Android photo apps: Pudding Camera

    This app presents a series of different “cameras” and “film” which you can shoot with. Images can’t be edited, only shot through the app.

    13 best free Android photo apps: Pudding Camera - Fisheye noir filter

    There’s lots of cameras and film to choose from here, which makes it a really fun app to have a play with. You can choose to shoot multiple frames, or experiment with effects such as fisheye.

    13 best free Android photo apps: Pudding Camera - social media sharing

    The app, as the name may give away, can tie in with the network, but you can also share with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and email if you prefer.

    Download Pudding Camera

    Works best on: tablet/phone

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