Raw Tuesday: the best way to save a raw file

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    The best way to save a raw file: shadow detail

    If I save my raw file as a JPEG, isn’t it the same as just shooting JPEG in the first place?

    If you are simply opening the raw files in Adobe Camera Raw, applying the default adjustments and saving as a JPEG, then yes they are going to be very similar to JPEG files straight from the camera.

    But this is missing the point of a raw file, which is to fine-tune the settings for each image.

    In difficult lighting conditions, the JPEG from a converted raw file can have less noise, better highlight and shadow detail and a more accurate white balance than a JPEG image straight from the camera.

    PAGE 1: The best file format for saving a raw file
    PAGE 2: Isn’t a JPEG just a JPEG?
    PAGE 3: What is the .xmp file format?
    PAGE 4: What is non-destructive editing?


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