How to make money from photography, part 4: a new idea to make cash on holiday

How to make money from photography: make cash on your holidays

So far in our series on how to make money from photography we’ve told you how to submit to stock photo agencies, run a workshop and even teach a night class on photography. In our penultimate installment we suggest a new idea for making cash from your holidays.

How to make money from photography: make cash on your holidays

There’s nothing like going on holiday and taking pictures of exciting new places, but while you’ve got your camera with you, why not take advantage of the opportunity to recoup some of the costs?

While you could set up a specialist photo holiday and ask others to pay to join you in a photogenic location, the holiday/work bias will obviously be shifted towards the latter as you take on the role of tutor-come-host.

However, you can still potentially make some money and have a ‘proper’ holiday if you think a little more laterally.

For example, when you booked your holiday, it was most likely pictures of hotels, campsites and destinations that helped you decide.

Brochures and websites get updated regularly so, while you’re away, why not shoot some pictures with a view to marketing them to the place you stayed when you get back?

Making £20 for a shot of a campsite would pay for a night, perhaps.

Speculate too…
Similarly, consider shooting images for stock libraries, competitions and magazines – not just photography publications, but travel and holiday magazines as well.

It’s speculative work, but thinking about where you are, who might use pictures of it and, most importantly, contacting them when you get back could cover the cost of more than a few of the meals you had under the summer sky.

As in the UK, be wary of including official installations in your shots. Some buildings, such as police stations, army bases or transport terminal are restricted areas and you’ll need to check with officials before shooting (and publishing) them.


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