Review: Hähnel Triad 90PG Pistol Grip Tripod

Review: Hähnel Triad 90PG Pistol Grip Tripod

Review: Hähnel Triad 90PG Pistol Grip Tripod

Hähnel may not be a brand that’s often associated with quality tripods, but the Triad 90PG could change that.

Aimed at photographers needing a chunkier set of legs to support their camera set-up, it’s not lightweight or compact at 2.2kg and 69cm collapsed length, but it can extend to a towering 166cm and has been built to survive daily abuse.

The legs have a simple three-section design constructed from relatively thick tubing that minimises any flexing, while retractable metal spikes within the chunky rubber feet keep everything firmly planted on most surfaces.

Add in the robust all-metal crown and the Triad 90PG does live up to Hähnel’s claim of being solid enough to support a 7kg SLR and lens.

Ergonomically sound
Ergonomics are also well catered for thanks to wide and grippy quick-lock leg clamps and foam padding on all three legs, making this an easy tripod to use in harsh weather.

Even the rugged carry bag features a surprisingly luxurious neoprene shoulder strap to keep you comfortable on the move.

But where the Triad 90PG really stands out from the crowd is its pistol grip head. One squeeze of the trigger handle enables effortless 360° horizontal rotation, a 90° twist for shooting in portrait format, then a further 270° of vertical rotation.

An independently adjustable top plate provides smooth panning without risk of vertical movement and completes what is an impressively precise and easy-to-use head.

Tripods of this design and build quality usually command a serious price tag, so at £100 the Triad 90PG is something of a bargain and a highly recommended buy.

Price: £100

SCORE: 5/5


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