A layman’s guide to battery grips

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    New to using battery grips? Here are four key things every first timer should know about how they work and when to use them.

    A layman's guide to batter grips

    What are battery grips?

    Battery grips are essentially an additional battery compartment that doubles up as a secondary grip for the camera. the main advantage of a battery grip is that the shutter button and usually some other controls are duplicated, making the camera much more comfortable and natural to use in portrait (upright) orientation.

    How do they work?

    With some cameras, the grip fits into an empty battery compartment after the removal of the battery door. in other cases, it connects to a number of pins on the base of the camera. Either way, it clamps firmly to the camera with a screw that tightens into the tripod socket.

    Who makes them?

    Camera makers generally make their own battery grips for specific models of camera. However, they can be very expensive, and non-genuine versions are often much cheaper to buy. Independent manufacturers include Ansmann and Hähnel.

    When should I use a battery grip?

    The most obvious use for battery grips is in portraiture, and any time you’re doing a lot of upright-orientation shooting. However, another advantage is that the additional weight and bulk of a camera with a battery grip fitted can make it more stable and less prone to camera-shake. they can often accommodate two batteries as well, which obviously doubles your shooting time.

    A layman's guide to batter grips

    Two more things you should know about battery grips

    1. Grips that enable you to still fit a battery into the camera usually only have space for one additional battery in the grip itself (see top of this page); although, they often have a tray for using AA batteries as an alternative.
    2. With some grips you can’t fit a battery into the actual camera (see above), but you can usually put two camera batteries or a number of AA batteries into the grip itself.


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