17 romantic couple poses that will make you say, ‘I do!’

17 romantic couple poses that will make you say, 'I do!'

The best couple poses capture the essence, interaction and emotions between two people in love. It is a great feeling to see sparks fly and even better to catch this chemistry on camera. To make sure you bring out the best when posing couples, wedding and portrait photographer Kelly Weech reveals her top posing tips to make your subjects shine in front of the camera.

17 romantic couple poses that will make you say, 'I do!'

We’ll start on this page by discussing some of the general, but important, photography tips to consider before and during your shoot. And on the following pages we’ll look at some specific couple poses and techniques and discuss why they work.

12 tips for achieving better couple poses in your portrait photography


  1. Hands need to be natural and not look stiff or posed. Let their hands form naturally on their own and refine when necessary.
  2. Catch intimate close-up portraits by asking them to look at each other rather than the camera. It is all about them.
  3. If the couple seem nervous tell them to act the way they did the first time they met.
  4. Couple photography should be about closeness so ask the couple to be very close to each other to convey that they are a couple.
  5. Take action shots and capture fun. Ask them to do or say silly things and you will be sure to get natural laughs and giggles.
  6. Body language is an important factor. Ensure the hips are turned into toward each other and the pose conveys their love.
  7. Even if a pose is not working out do not be negative in front of clients and simply move on.
  8. Play music to create a mood or maybe even ask them if they have a song.
  9. Look at others peoples work. I always go to a shoot with three new poses that I want to recreate. But remember to but your own stamp on it.
  10. Yes we all make mistakes but even if a shot is not technically perfect but you have captured a moment, I am sure the client will love it. Mistakes are made to learn from them.
  11. For curvier couples do not shoot them from low down angles or with them facing straight on towards the camera (for more on shooting curvier subjects, see Kelly’s expert guide 17 posing tips and in-camera slimming tricks for shooting curvy models).
  12. Stylised photo shoots have become very popular. Use props, co ordinate outfits and the location to portray a theme such as nautical beach or Saturday at the local fair-trade market. Try a mixture of posed and natural shots to create a varied set of images.

PAGE 1: Tips for before and during your shoot
PAGE 2: Create a romantic mood
PAGE 3: Create a timeless picture with black and white
PAGE 4: Use only natural light
PAGE 5: Go in close for small gestures
PAGE 6: Experiment with backgrounds


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