Raw Tuesday: what to edit (and when) in Adobe Camera Raw

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    How to Edit Raw Files, 9-10: Sharpen the image


    What to edit (and when) in Adobe Camera Raw: essential advice for how to process raw files to get the best results

    How much sharpening you need to apply to your raw images in ACR will depend on how much processing 
you plan to do in the main Photoshop interface once the images are converted.

    If your image needs only basic adjustments, sharpen using the Sharpening tools found under the Detail tab. Choose an Amount of 25 or less.

    How to sharpen photos in Adobe Camera Raw

    For images that don’t need extra adjustments, you can apply a larger Amount of around 50, while for images that you are going to print straight from the processed file you can apply a higher Amount of around 60.

    9 Zoom in
    To get an accurate view of how your sharpening adjustment is affecting the image (and to spot any ugly sharpening artefacts), zoom in to 100% using the bottom-left zoom adjustment.

    10 Sharpen up
    Now adjust the sharpening controls. We set the Amount slider to 50 for the image shown at the top of each page, because it didn’t need any further adjustment in Photoshop.

    PAGE 1: The best order for editing raw files
    PAGE 2: Adjust white balance
    PAGE 3: Correct exposure
    PAGE 4: Recover lost highlight detail
    PAGE 5: Recover lost shadow detail
    PAGE 6: Sharpen the image


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