How to make money from photography, part 3: teach an evening class

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    How to make money from photography: teach an evening photography class

    Teaching an evening class won’t get you out of your day job, but it’s a great way make money from photography, sharing your experience with like-minded people and perhaps even learning something from them too.

    However, before you can start you need to do a bit of homework yourself.

    First off, you need to identify learning centres that run part-time evening classes (although not necessarily in photography).

    It might sound obvious, but try and keep them local – you’ll be getting paid an hourly rate that won’t include your commute.

    How to make money from photography: teach an evening photography class

    Pitch it right
    Take a look at the ‘competition’. Colleges that already run part-time photography courses will obviously have one or more tutors, so you need to approach them with something different – there’s no point proposing a beginner’s photography class if they already run one.

    Think your course through and write down exactly what you’ll be teaching on a week-to-week basis and, most importantly, what the students will learn from you (the ‘learning outcomes’).

    Once you’ve got your course 
plan together, it’s time to make 
your ‘pitch’, which means arranging a face-to-face meeting with the course co-ordinator.

    This is basically a job interview, so make sure you sell yourself and your course – all going well, you’ll be well on your way to the front of the class and a fulfilling future career.


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