Usain Bolt grabs photographer’s camera, takes better photos than most of us

Usain Bolt grabs photographer's camera, takes better photos than most of us

Usain Bolt poses with sports photographer's Nikon DSLR

Image copyright Jimmy Wixtrom

Usain Bolt has confirmed what many N-Photo readers have long suspected: the sprinting legend prefers Nikon.

Photographer Jimmy Wixtrom smiles for the camera... his camera

Image Credit: Usain Bolt / Aftonbladet

Moments after his historic win in the men’s 200m at the London Olympics, Bolt strolled past the track-side pit of sports photographers and snatched a Nikon D4 from pro snapper Jimmy Wixtrom (seen grinning in the image above).

Wixtrom, who shoots for Aftonbladet, Scandinavia’s largest newspaper, happily handed over his D4 and watched as Bolt snapped photos of fellow Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake and of the track-side photographers, themselves.

Fellow sprinter Yohan Blake hams it up for Usain Bolt's camera

Image Credit: Usain Bolt / Aftonbladet

Bolt, who passed by at least five Canon DSLRs to get to Wixtrom’s Nikon, had previously declined to pose for Wixtrom and instead promised the photographer he would get his picture after the final, Wixtrom said.

Yohan Blake poses for Usain Bolt

Image Credit: Usain Bolt / Aftonbladet

You can watch a video of the amazing moment over on Aftonbladet’s website.

Bolt, who showed surprisingly (and perhaps annoyingly) good prowess with the Nikon D4, has not confirmed whether he plans his own career in sports photography after his final Olympics in Rio in 2016.

Via: PetaPixel, DigitalTrends

  • jmeyer

    Hi Anthony – it was just an attempt at humour, poking fun at the endless Canon vs Nikon debates.