6 tips to improve your Mars landscape photos

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    Tip 6: Remove your lens cap


    Make sure you remove your lens cap before sending a rover to shoot Mars landscape photos

    It sounds obvious, but we’ve all done it. Your child does something cute, the lion in the zoo lets out an almighty roar, a sliver of sky appears between low Martian clouds, bathing the surrounding mesas in warm orange light… you bring your camera up to your eye to shoot and the lens cap is on. By the time you take it off, the moment has passed. Don’t let this happen to you.

    The solution
    Take off your lens cap. Simple as. We understand that Curiosity uses transparent lens caps in case they didn’t pop off, but the Martian landscape photographer on a budget can’t afford every accessory. So before sending your rover into orbit, double-check you’ve removed the lens cap from its camera. Otherwise all of the money and time you invested will go to waste, and your coveted Mars landscape photos will be shapeless black blotches, which you won’t even be able to pass off as abstract.

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