6 tips to improve your Mars landscape photos

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    Tip 5: Frame your Mars landscape photos like a pro


    How to frame your Mars landscape photos

    As you all know, composition will make or break your pictures. The rules of composition don’t go away just because you’re on Mars. Watch how other landscape photographers frame their subjects, and they frame foreground interest along the lower third or give background elements more space in the frame. Think about how you want your Mars landscape photos to look to everyone viewing back home on Earth.


    How to frame your Mars landscape photos

    The solution
    Before you press the shutter on your rover, look around the edges of the frame. Do any unexplained rock formations have enough room in the frame? Do you want to go wider to capture the approaching dust storm in the background? Is your rover’s wheel sticking into the bottom of the frame? These are questions to ask yourself, and taking more time between shots to answer them will help you stop wasting pictures.

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