6 tips to improve your Mars landscape photos

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    Tip 4: Keep a level horizon


    Make sure you keep a straight horizon in your Mars landscape photos

    An uneven horizon line is the bane of many landscape photographers, and the last think you want is to spoil a once-in-a-lifetime shoot with such a rookie mistake. If your Mars landscape photos suffer from an uneven horizon, they’ll immediately lose impact. All anyone will see is that awful slant, not the unique and otherworldly terrain that no other photographer has photographed!


    Use a spirit level to keep your horizon straight

    The solution
    Bring a spirit level with you to Mars.

    9 secrets to using a tripod like a pro: use a spirit level

    These small, handy devices fit comfortably in a pocket or can be attached to the top of your rover and will help you ensure your camera is in perfect position to capture straight and even photos of the Martian landscape.

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