6 tips to improve your Mars landscape photos

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    Tip 2: Don’t be afraid of a little noise


    Use a high ISO when shooting on Mars

    In most landscape photography we aim for as little noise as possible and ensure this by setting the lowest ISO possible. On Mars’ landscape you won’t have that luxury. Mars is about 1.5x as far away from the Sun as the Earth and gets roughly 2.25x less light than you’ll get shooting the Grand Canyon or the Scottish Highlands. There’s only one way around this.


    Use a high ISO when shooting on Mars

    The solution
    Increase your ISO. You’ll definitely have to go up to ISO 400, but possibly even as high as ISO 6400 if shooting within the trenches of an evaporated sea. Luckily modern digital cameras perform admirably at higher sensitivities and your rover should still be able to capture good photos. As you can see in the 100% crop above, the images are quite clean and certainly good enough for sharing online.

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