18 of the best-ever posing tips for group photos

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    18. Act out a story


    18 posing tips for group photos will that make everybody happy

    With the right types of people it can be fun to set up a group shot and to play out a character or story.

    This can help break the atmosphere and get people to relax into their chosen persona.

    This image was taken for a wrestler and we did a whole story set with was based around afternoon tea and playful burlesque girls.

    All the images were very coy and playful but worked because everyone was acting in a certain way.

    PAGE 1: Tips for before and during your shoot
    PAGE 2: Shoot from a high vantage point
    PAGE 3: Alter your camera angle
    PAGE 4: Group reportage
    PAGE 5: Set subjects a task
    PAGE 6: Go closer for details
    PAGE 7: Act out a story


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