18 of the best-ever posing tips for group photos

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    13. Shoot from a high vantage point


    8 of the best-ever posing tips for group photos: shoot from a high vantage point

    Even with a wide angle lens it can be difficult to get everyone into the frame when there are a large number of people to include.

    Try to get up high maybe from a window or even standing on a bench will help ensure everyone is in the frame. It is also easier to give directions when you are above and can see where everyone is standing.

    Be warned, however, as there is always someone trying to hide or duck down so watch out for this person.

    A useful line to use with large groups is, ‘If you can see the camera it can see you.’ This will guarantee you can see each person’s face in the shot.

    PAGE 1: Tips for before and during your shoot
    PAGE 2: Shoot from a high vantage point
    PAGE 3: Alter your camera angle
    PAGE 4: Group reportage
    PAGE 5: Set subjects a task
    PAGE 6: Go closer for details
    PAGE 7: Act out a story


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