9 Creative Photo Ideas for August

9 Creative Photo Ideas for August: seasonal, fun and short photography projects you can try to inspire your work and build new skills

9 Creative Photo Ideas for August: photograph summer flora

08 Capture the colour of summer flora
Start looking at things differently, and composing from an unusual angle, and it’s perfectly possible to take stunning abstract images of everyday subjects.

Wildlife and nature specialist David Maitland saw these poppies on a car park embankment close to his house. “I wanted to take a more abstract approach,” he explains. “Clichéd images are easy to take, but finding something different is far harder to achieve.”

If you want to take your own abstract flower pictures, you need to think creatively. “The secret is to explore all angles,” David says, “especially angles you have yet to think of!”

By lying down on the ground and shooting up at a flat grey sky, David was able to reduce the shot to simple elements of black and white, punctuated by glorious splashes of red.

“This picture was taken exactly as I found the scene – there are no white sheets or other props involved. The sky was completely flat, so it provided the perfect backdrop for the bright red poppies. I set the aperture to f/11 to keep everything sharp and kept the ISO low at 50 for maximum image quality.”

Get started today…

  • Don’t assume you need to travel to find interesting objects and scenes to photograph. Explore what’s on your doorstep.
  • Composition is the key to capturing abstract shots like this one. Get down really low, and keep working on the scene or subject from every possible angle.
  • To make subjects stand out, look for a plain background. A flat grey sky is perfect for this type of photography.
  • If you’re shooting against the main light source and getting a silhouette, you’ll need 
to dial-in a stop or two of positive Exposure Compensation to reveal detail in the subject and blow out the background.