9 Creative Photo Ideas for August

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    9 Creative Photo Ideas for August: photograph drama with action

    04 Photograph drama as well as action

    Tennis is another sporting event that offers numerous photo opportunities. Capturing the winning moment in the game is a given for a classic shot, but there are plenty 
of other things you can shoot off court that will produce interesting images.

    Professional photographer Clive Brunskill took this image of Andy Murray checking his racket during practice at the Australian Open.

    The trick with achieving effective shots like this is careful framing, and drawing key components together – look for silhouetted shapes, like the racket against the court lines in this shot, as without these strong graphic elements the image won’t work as well (for more on composing, see our 10 rules of photo composition – and why they work).

    Get started today…

    • When photographing silhouetted figures, expose for the background rather than the player, and try to capture the player in profile.
    • Go to for details of the major events taking place in 2012.

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