9 Creative Photo Ideas for August

9 Creative Photo Ideas for August: seasonal, fun and short photography projects you can try to inspire your work and build new skills


Creative Photo Ideas for August: photograph a summer wedding

02 Capture the joy of a summer wedding

A creative approach to wedding photography is the key to getting stunning results, explains Vancouver-based photographer Leslie Biggar, who runs Sakura Photography with her husband Mark.

“I love the fact that weddings are chaotic,” she says. “Mark and I started our wedding business in 2007, and built up our skills quickly by doing street photography – being fast on your feet and knowing how to adapt camera and lighting settings are skills both genres require.”

To ensure they are prepared for every eventuality, their kit includes four Nikon D700 bodies and a range of lenses. Lighting a wedding and reception hall can be tricky, so 
the pair also use Pocket Wizards and SB900 flashguns. “This helps us to create dramatic lighting for dancing and speeches and saturate the colours to get vibrant results.”

As for non-specialist gear, Leslie says she never leaves home without a towel and white rubbish bags. “We like to take photographs 
in unconventional places, so the bride needs something clean and dry to sit on!”

They’re also prepared with a car-load 
of umbrellas. “These are a must if we’re out taking photos in the unpredictable Vancouver weather,” Leslie says.

Get started today…

  • To get great wedding images, you need to be organised and have your kit bag in order. Think about packing additional lighting and other accessories, like umbrellas.
  • Scout the location before the big day to find unusual and interesting places to set up shots.
  • Light matters, so an external flash unit will brighten up dingy spaces and saturate colours (learn how to master bounce flash photography in 4 steps).
  • Make the bride and groom feel confident in your creative approach by meeting up on a few occasions beforehand. Make the meetings informal, so they feel relaxed.