Mmm… Ocean Blur: take long exposure pictures of the sea you can be proud of

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    How to take long exposure pictures of the sea: Step 5

    05 Get set to take it slow
    To get long shutter speeds, first switch to Aperture Priority mode and set a low ISO of around 100, with a narrow aperture of around f/16. Focus on a point about a third of the way up the frame – depending on the light, you might need to use a torch to light up this point.


    How to take long exposure pictures of the sea: Step 6

    06 Check the focus and lock it down
    Take a test shot to check the focus. If everything is sharp, lock the focus by switching off autofocus (find out how to use focus lock on your DSLR). Now fit your ND filter. Choose a strength that gets you an exposure that’s between 15 secs and 2 minutes long. A variable ND filter will provide you with a range of shutter speeds.

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