Mmm… Ocean Blur: take long exposure pictures of the sea you can be proud of

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    How to take long exposure pictures of the sea: Step 3

    03 Find your foreground
    When you get to the location, you need to find the best camera angle, and it’s often best to hunt this out without your tripod. You need to find a focal point, such as a headland or lighthouse, as well as a good foreground – getting low helps you make rocks look big in the frame.


    How to take long exposure pictures of the sea: Step 4

    04 Keep a level head
    Set the camera on the tripod. It’s essential that your DSLR is level – a sloping horizon is extremely irritating with seascapes, and this is hard to check as it gets darker. Use a spirit level in the hotshoe, or switch on Live View and use the grid overlay to make sure you get things straight (for more, see our 4 tips to ensure a level horizon).

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