6 top remote releases tested and rated

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    Are you in the market for a remote release? One of the unsung heroes of camera bags the world over, remote releases are more than just a functional tool for ensuring sharp images. They also open up all sorts of creative possibilities. Here we’ve taken 6 of the top remote releases on the market and put them to the test.

    6 top remote releases tested and rated

    Hähnel Combi TF

    Price: £40 Web:
    A powerful RF (Radio Frequency) controller with a 100m range, the Combi TF’s transmitter enables remote switching between immediate and four-second delayed release. There’s also compatibility for Bulb and continuous shooting. It even works as a remote hotshoe, but you have to set the flashgun power manually.

    SCORE: 3/5


    Hähnel Giga T Pro II

    Price: £60 Web:
    Compact and lightweight, but well built and versatile, the Giga T Pro II has a veritable feast of programmable shooting modes and a 100m RF operating range. Adjustable self-timer and dual time-lapse (interval) settings, plus single, continuous, self-timer and Bulb functions are all available via an intuitive interface.

    SCORE: 5/5


    Hama Timer Remote DCCS (5201)

    Price: £40 Web:
    Connecting to most cameras via optional cables, what this Hama lacks in wireless facilities it makes up for in shooting options. Single, continuous, delayed release and even time-lapse modes are easily programmable using the four-way pad and backlit LCD display.

    SCORE: 4/5


    Hama Wireless Remote  DCCS (5202)

    Price: £40 Web:
    An RF wireless remote with a 150m range, this controller uses Hama’s ‘DCCS’ connecting cables to ensure compatibility. There’s no LCD display or programmable options for time-lapse shooting, but a simple switch enables single, continuous, self-timer and Bulb options.

    SCORE: 4/5


    Phottix TR-90 Digital Timer & Remote Shutter Release

    Price: £50 Web:
    This cable-connected remote offers most of the same features as the Hama Timer. It lacks the Hama’s ability to select drive modes direct from the transmitter, but the programmable time-lapse and long exposure options are versatile and easy to use. Build quality is good.

    SCORE: 4/5


    Phottix Aion Wireless Timer Remote

Price: £80 Web:
    Boasting a full array of drive mode options and programmable settings, the Aion also adds a novel bracketing feature for Bulb exposures. The transmitter’s solid, with an intuitive control layout and clear LCD. Wireless range is a bit modest, though, with a maximum reach of 60m.

    SCORE: 4/5


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