N-Photo: 10 things Nikon should do next

    | News | 29/07/2012 10:00am

    10 things Nikon should do next

    5. Detachable LCD/remote

    What about a clip-on rear LCD which incorporates a wireless transmitter? You could leave it fixed to the camera to shoot in the normal way, or unclip it and walk away for remote operation.
    Rod Lawton, Technique Editor, N-Photo

    6. A simple, no-frills manual SLR!

    Perfect for students and colleges, and a welcome return to basic photography for the rest of us. No auto-exposure, only manual shutter speed and aperture control. I might stretch to white balance control and maybe even autofocus, but only one single AF point. Nikon could call it the FM-D!
    Ben Brain


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