N-Photo: 10 things Nikon should do next

10 things Nikon should do next

10 things Nikon should do next

3. In-camera graduated filters

If Nikon can apply D-Lighting in-camera, then a graduated filter effect would surely be easy. It could either be applied as the shot’s taken (like Active D-Lighting) or later on as a Retouch option.
Chris Rutter, Technique Editor, Digital Camera

4. Built-in ND (neutral density) filter

Just to bring the ISO down to ISO 50 or 25, to help get motion blur effects or shallow depth of field in bright light. Not sure how it could be done, since the photosites on the sensor would presumably reach saturation point, but it would be really useful.
Ben Brain, Editor, Practical Photoshop/Chris Rutter, Digital Camera


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