The secret to all dog photos: 3 ways you can get your pooch to pose

The secret to all dog photos: 3 tricks to get your pooch to pose for the camera

Photographing pets isn’t just about key camera skills – and dog photos, in particular, require some clever thinking. Below we’ve compiled the three best tips we know for tricking your best friend into posing for the camera. Try these today and your dog photos will instantly improve.

The secret to all dog photos: tip 1 - get ground cover

1 Get ground cover

Kneeling or lying on the ground to shoot from low viewpoints can be uncomfortable, especially on a wet day. Taking along some plastic sheeting to keep you dry will make the experience more bearable.

The secret to all dog photos: tip 1 - include favourite toys

2 Include favourite toys

Keeping your pet’s attention while you get your shots is always tricky, but most will have a favourite toy that you can use to keep them occupied. This prop might also give your shots extra character.

The secret to all dog photos: tip 3 - offer some treats

3 Try some treats
While some well-behaved pets will be happy to obey commands and sit still, others need a little encouragement. Arm yourself with a pocketful of treats that will get your dog to play along, and reward them when you get the shot you want.


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