Gallery: Some of the most action-packed sports photography you’ll ever see

Jump by Philip Hoheisel

Sliding by John Vint

Sliding © John Vint

Wushu by Irawan Subingar

Wushu © Irawan Subingar

YOG 2010 Swimmer by Mugilan Rajasegeran

YOG 2010 Swimmer © Mugilan Rajasegeran

Short Track Speed Skating by Kevin Winzeler

Short Track Speed Skating © Kevin Winzeler

Swimming by Chris Schmid

Swimming © Chris Schmid

Say Cheese - Red Bull Cliff Diving Series 2011 by Jeff Tamagini

Say Cheese – Red Bull Cliff Diving Series 2011 © Jeff Tamagini

Light Olympic Painting by Marco Ferro

Light Olympic Painting © Marco Ferro

Basketball by Jeff Farsai

Basketball © Jeff Farsai

Horse Jump by Maitham AlMisry

Horse Jump © Maitham AlMisry

Focus by Maitham AlMisry

Focus © Maitham AlMisry

Deutsche Meisterschaften Geratturnen 2012 by Dirk

Deutsche Meisterschaften Geratturnen 2012 © Dirk

Long Jump by Jack Prior

Long Jump © Jack Prior

Spray by Michael Marte

Spray © Michael Marte

Motorcross II by Maitham AlMisry

Motorcross II © Maitham AlMisry

Anticipation by John Vint

Anticipation © John Vint

Aaron Day by Garrett Meyers

Aaron Day © Garrett Meyers

Jump by Philipp Hilpert

Jump © Philipp Hilpert

Focused on the Slopes by Chasing Velo

Focused on the Slopes © Chasing Velo

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