Gallery: Some of the most action-packed sports photography you’ll ever see

    | Inspire | 27/07/2012 11:00am

    Warning: You might want to sit down before viewing this gallery as it’s likely that you’ll be exhausted by the end of it! This collection of photographs shows people pushing themselves to the limits of their physical endurance.

    If after viewing these you’re feeling motivated enough to go out and shoot some action-filled sports photography of your own, we’ve got the tips to help you. In the meantime, grab hold of your seat and take a look through these incredible sports action shots!

    Untitled by Ayie Permata Sari

    Untitled © Ayie Permata Sari

    Gravity by Fredrik Lonnqvist

    Gravity © Fredrik Lonnqvist

    Jump Free by Philip Hoheisel

    Jump Free © Philip Hoheisel

    Flying over Barcelona by Pilar Silvestre

    Flying over Barcelona © Pilar Silvestre

    Clear Dive by Patrick Smith

    Clear Dive © Patrick Smith

    Determination by Peter J

    Determination © Peter J

    Not Planned by Keith P

    Not Planned © Keith P

    Handrail in the Dark by Dan Carr

    Handrail in the Dark © Dan Carr

    Flying over Barcelona by Pilar Silvestre

    Flying over Barcelona © Pilar Silvestre

    Jeremy #2 by Stephane Pironon

    Jeremy #2 © Stephane Pironon

    Backflip by Soren Hoven

    Backflip © Soren Hoven

    Path Less Taken by Chris Pilling

    Path Less Taken © Chris Pilling

    The Save by Jeff Farsai

    The Save © Jeff Farsai

    Upside Down by Christian Young

    Upside Down © Christian Young

    Marijo Moznik by Tomislav Moze

    Marijo Moznik © Tomislav Moze

    Warrior Games by Christopher Griffin

    Warrior Games © Christopher Griffin

    Trail Running in Kauai by Kevin Winzeler

    Trail Running in Kauai © Kevin Winzeler

    Triathlete by Michael Svoboda

    Triathlete © Michael Svoboda

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