10 burning questions even pro sports photographers still ask themselves

10 questions even pro sports photographers still ask themselves

What shutter speed do you need for zoom bursts?


Sports Photography Tips: what shutter speed do you need for zoom bursts

What do you do if you can’t get a shutter speed that’s fast enough to capture a sharp picture? You can go for an artistically blurred image or you can pan the lens so the background is blurred, but the subject is sharper. Alternatively, you could try a zoom burst.

This creates radial blur lines from the centre of the image outwards – a visual explosion that gives a feeling of movement to static subjects. You can add this effect using Photoshop, but it’s a fun trick to try as you actually shoot, and works well in low light or on dull days.

For best results, set the shutter speed to between 1/8-1/30 sec. Start zooming the lens out from telephoto to wide-angle, and then press the shutter, so the focal length of the lens changes during the actual exposure.

You can use a tripod for straighter radial lines, but you can get great results shooting handheld, too (find out how to use a tripod the right way).

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