10 burning questions even pro sports photographers still ask themselves

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    How slow should I go shooting sports photography at night?


    Night Photography Tips: how to get the perfect exposure for light trails

    At night, the long exposures forced upon you by the low light can help to create dramatic action pictures from the most ordinary scenes.

    A town high street or view from a motorway bridge can be turned into a sea of colourful trails created by passing cars.

    Because it’s essential to use a tripod to keep the static parts of the scene completely steady, there’s no need to worry about keeping the shutter speed short.

    In fact, it’s often best to make the exposure as long as possible – to create the longest light trails (find out how to get the perfect exposure for light trails).

    You can do this by ensuring the ISO is set to 100 
and using the narrowest aperture that your camera allows (typically around f/22). This creates the longest light trails.

    To minimise the vibration as you press the shutter button it is worth investing in a cable release.

    Although it is usually possible to set the shutter speed you want using Av mode, it’s sometimes easier to get the shutter speed you want for a particular effect using the Tv mode.

    Again, you simply use the main input dial behind the shutter button and the viewfinder display to select the shutter speed you want.

    PAGE 1: How do I choose the right shutter speed?
    PAGE 2: How slow should I go for motion blur?
    PAGE 3: Do I need the motordrive?
    PAGE 4: When should I switch to manual focus?
    PAGE 5: Why should I keep both eyes open when using the viewfinder?
    PAGE 6: How slow should I go at night?
    PAGE 7: How do I set up for low-light events?
    PAGE 8: What shutter speed do I use for zoom bursts?
    PAGE 9: When should I switch on the flash?
    PAGE 10: When should I use second curtain sync?


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