10 burning questions even pro sports photographers still ask themselves

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    Why should I keep both eyes open when using the viewfinder?


    Sports Photography Tips: why you should keep both eyes open

    Most photographers close the eye that isn’t looking through the viewfinder when they take a shot so 
they can concentrate on the composition and exposure information (find out how to use a viewfinder the right way).

    However, try getting used to keeping both eyes open – particularly when shooting action.

    Your second eye is useful for seeing things outside the frame. This can help you get better pictures, because you may see a better sight or stronger drama from the corner of your eye.

    It can also save your life – giving you advance warning that a car is about to drive towards you!

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    PAGE 5: Why should I keep both eyes open when using the viewfinder?
    PAGE 6: How slow should I go at night?
    PAGE 7: How do I set up for low-light events?
    PAGE 8: What shutter speed do I use for zoom bursts?
    PAGE 9: When should I switch on the flash?
    PAGE 10: When should I use second curtain sync?


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