Shoot sharper sports photography: pro techniques and the settings they use

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    Sharper sports photography using telephoto lenses


    Shoot sharper sports photography with telephoto lenses

    Camera shake becomes more of a problem the longer your lens’s focal length. If your shots are blurry, it’s likely that you’re using a shutter speed too slow for your telephoto focal length, so camera shake has reared its ugly head.

    As a general rule of thumb, to obtain sharp shots when shooting handheld with a non-IS lens, you need to at least match your lens’s focal length with your shutter speed – so if you’re shooting at a 300mm focal length, make sure you’re shooting at 1/320 sec or higher.

    Increase your ISO to obtain faster shutter speeds (learn more about when to increase ISO).

    Also consider using a monopod or tripod to help steady your camera – as well as taking some of the weight of your hefty telephoto zoom lens.

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